Multidimensional Designer
Kevin Hepworth
A caffeine fueled multidimensional UX Designer
that creates unique experiences in 2D and 3D spaces.

User Experience User InterfaceVirtual Reality

UserExperience User Experience Design Colorado is a great place to be a User Experience
Designer. It has given me the opportunity to work
alongside great people for businesses around the world.
This experience has allowed me to quickly understand
my clients’ needs, formulate successful long term
strategies, and create innovative products. Learn how I
break down problems and craft solutions by clicking below.
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UserInterface Curating the structure, flow and layout of a product has always
satisfied the scientific side of my brain. However, nothing fulfills me more
than bringing a project to completion by giving a website or app its’
personality through designing the user interface. See how I add the
human element to my projects.
User Interface Design take a look

VirtualReality Virtual & Augmented Reality Currently, I am defining my process for the user experience of virtual reality
with a personal project. This newfound passion for VR and AR will
undoubtedly be the focus of my career in the immediate future.
Unleash your inner Matthew McConaughey and dive into the tesseract
if you feel like going interstellar...
coming soon